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Inside the gifted hands of a master craftsman Tiffany, these rare organic treasure to attain woon new, magical masterpiece turned into attractive jewelry, charismatic and timeless symbol of human memory and emotion great sustain.

Tiffany Blue Book: Tiffany Blue Book series of fine jewelry to show the unique Tiffany diamond authority of supreme global fame, these top bright beautiful diamond jewelry masterpieces perfect highlight Tiffany as "King of Diamonds" in the world.

Tiffany Enchant Heart: Valentine's Day of this year, Tiffany warmth presents Tiffany Enchant Heart series dazzling jewelry, diamonds shine the world to attain the ultimate light. The design inspiration for this series comes from the luxury manor house or delicate door trim pattern of 19th century.

Colored diamonds with bright white diamonds become the storied history. Tiffany Diamond "legendary Tiffany yellow diamond" opened the unique glory heritage in the field of color glory in 1878. Today, Tiffany yellow diamond, extremely rare pink diamond and other colored diamonds, are highly sought because of its breathtaking rich color and sparkling brilliance.


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